Daycare Packages, Doggie Daycare is designed to provide an alternative for lonely days at home for a dog whose owners are at work or school. It provides exercise and socialization for the dog and peace of mind and freedom from guilt for the pet owner. Broadway Kennels offers several different types of daycare packages allowing your pet to enjoy himself while your away.

* Doggie Daycare is available Monday through Friday. Drop off hours are 7AM-10AM and pickup hours are 5PM-7PM. It is also available during the OSU Buckeye's Football season. Drop off hours are 9AM-11AM and pickup hours are by appointment only.



** All daycare packages are good for 1 year from purchase date and do not require consecutive day use.


Per Hour Price $4 Minimum of 2 hrs.
Temperament Test $15 (One time fee)

One Full Day $17 (Actual Play Time: 10AM-4PM)

Boarding/Daycare Package $28 Daycare for 12 hrs and a sleep over
Basic Pet Package $80 Includes 5 full days
VIP Pet Package $150 Includes 10 full days
Executive Pet Package $280 Includes 20 full days

*** Each daycare package includes three breaks. Two half-hour breaks for breakfast and dinner and a full hour nap time. The students will be given a clean run (inside/outside) with bedding and fresh water. They will be able to rest and relax in between vigorous play times. We feed small bite Pedigree to students unless of course you prefer us to feed whatever you bring.

Enrolling Your Dog For Daycare, Doggie Daycare is such a unique environment that many dogs have yet to experience it. Because dogs are allowed to interact with others in the playgroups it is important to closely screen the dogs before they are allowed to play. It is also important that the staff build a relationship with each dog, ensuring that they make the best, most fun and safest groups possible. Therefore, before attending daycare, all dogs must first pass the Temperament Test. Below are the requirements for all Temperament Tests:

  • All dogs over 6 months must be neutered or spayed.
  • Dogs may not be aggressive with either people or other dogs and may not be overly possessive of toys or water.
  • Reservations for daycare cannot be made until the Temperament Test has been completed and passed.
  • Rabies and the distemper combo must have been given within the last 12 months. Bordetella (kennel cough) is required each year and should be given AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT. A negative fecal exam, and the distemper/parvo combo are also required within the last 12 months. EVERYONE must be on a flea-preventative before playing in our daycare.
  • Puppies are only allowed if they have had 3 series of puppy shots and their kennel cough vaccine.

Temperament Test:

  1. Call your veterinarian and check that your dog has had his rabies and distemper combo within the last 12 months and his kennel cough vaccine (Bordella) within the last 12 months. You can have them fax us the records at (740)964-0041. Personal hand-written records are not accepted. Records must be obtained prior to administering the Temperament Test.
  2. Fill out the Daycare Enrollment Application. The Daycare Enrollment Application must be completed, signed and brought to the kennel on the day of the Temperament Test. Click here to download the enrollment application.
  3. Call Broadway at (740)964-0050 to schedule your dog's test. Tests are given by appointment only.
  4. When you arrive at Broadway Kennels for your Temperament Test, you should plan to remain with your dogs for at least 5-10 minutes. All dogs should be under your control on a leash. At this point we will review both your dog's vet records and enrollment application. Incomplete records will prevent your dog from being able to stay, so be sure to have all appropriate records upon arriving or call to check that we have received the records faxed from your vet.
  5. While you are present we will conduct a Pre-Temperament Test evaluation. This ensures us that your dog will be comfortable with us handling him after you are gone.
  6. At this point the owner can leave.
  7. We now take the new dog to the play area. We will assess his behavior and determine which group he will be more suited for. Once group decision is made we will begin to introduce dogs to him one at a time. We are watching for any signs of overly dominant behavior or aggressiveness. If the new dog behaves appropriately, we will continue to bring one dog in at a time until the whole group has been introduced.
  8. New dogs need to stay at Broadway Kennels for a minimum of three hours for their Temperament Test. If they are doing well they may stay for the entire play day and will not have to be picked up until 7:00 pm.
  9. When you pick your dog up we will provide you with a verbal review indicating your dog's behavior throughout the day. The cost for the test is $15 and is paid at this time. You will be charged for only the Temperament Test.
  10. Congratulations! At this point your dog will be an official Broadway Kennels Daycare Student. As long as all vet records are kept current, you are now invited to schedule reservations whenever needed at our facility. *Note* If you are boarding your dog and would like it to play in daycare, the Temperament Test is done behind-the-scenes on the first day that daycare is available to your dog while boarding. If you would like to make arrangments before your vacation/boarding reservation, you may do so in order to know whether or not your dog will be invited to play in daycare while you are vacationing.
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